Buylist Procedure

Looking to turn your unwanted cards into format staples? It's never been easier to turn your spare Magic: the Gathering or Flesh & Bloods cards into store credit, or even cash!
We offer a competitive rate of ~0.85:1 SCG in cash for Magic Cards, and an extra 20% on top of that if you're looking for store credit!

Just follow these eight simple steps, and you'll be on your way to a better collection in no time!


Step 1. Log into your account. If you don't have one already, creating one is a breeze, and can be done on the login screen!

Step 2. Select 'Buylist' from our menu banner. This will bring up a Buylist window.

Step 3. Select which game you're looking to submit a buylist for. If you're looking to trade in cards from a mix of different games, you'll have to submit seperate buylists for each.

Step 4. Select whether you're looking for Store Credit or Cash.

Step 5. Use the Search Bar to find the cards you're looking to trade in. You can narrow down your search to cards printed in a specific set if your initial results don't match your exact card.

Step 6. Once you've found your card, confirm the condition of your card and the number of quantities you're looking to trade in, then select the + symbol to add them to the Buylist.
Unsure about how to grade your cards? You can find more detailed information by clicking on this hyperlink!


Step 7. Once you've completed your buylist, select 'Submit Buylist' and confirm.

Step 8. Now that your buylist is submitted, you'll need to send us your cards! This can be done in person or through the post (please keep in mind that you will be responsible for the postage fees!). In order to ensure that the Buylist process proceeds as quickly as possible, please ensure that all your cards are in the same exact order as they appear on your buylist. Please address all mail to:


Calico Keep - Buylist
1/2 Coastlands Parade
Paraparaumu 5032


... and Presto! Your part in the process is now over.

Once your cards arrive, we will check the contents of your package against your buylist. 

During our review, we may change the stated condition of your cards, correct any misreported cards (e.g. if you sent us a Sol Ring from Commander 2017 but reported it on your buylist as from Commander 2018), or add any cards included in your package which weren't reported in your buylist. Any changes made to your buylist will be communicated to you via e-mail. We will also send email confirmation once your Buylist has been confirmed.

Once confirmed; store credit will be added to your account, and any cash will be paid via online banking (we'll grab your details as part of the Buylist confirmation). If for any reason the buylist does not go ahead, we will send your cards back to you at our own expense.


  • We reserve the right not to buy certain cards received via the buylist process, at our discretion. As a Local Game Store, we are forbidden from selling certain promotional cards either through contractual obligation or on principle. There are also high-value cards which we may opt not to purchase due to low demand (e.g. non-tournament legal MTG reserved list cards, or Gold-Bordered MTG cards).

  • Calico Keep reserves the right to retain and destroy any counterfeit cards received via the Buylist process. We all want our collections to retain value. To allow counterfeit cards to exist in our communities means that there exists an opportunity for them to be traded or sold to unknowing collectors who may be paying hefty sums for something worthless.