Buylist Procedure

To ensure your trade-ins are as smooth and efficient as possible, please follow these steps:

1) When submitting your buylist, take care in noting the set and condition of each of the cards you wish to trade in.

2) Once your buylist is submitted, you are responsible for ensuring that the cards are delivered to Calico Keep for review. This can be done either in person or via mail (you are responsible for any postage fees). Please address all mail to: 

Calico Keep
1/2 Coastlands Parade
Paraparaumu 5032


Please make sure you deliver your cards in the exact order that they are listed on your buylist.

3) We will grade your cards once they arrive. If any changes to your buylist are made (e.g. If a card is a different set or condition than was originally listed), we will inform you and confirm if you would still like to go ahead.

4) Once the trade-in has been confirmed, any store credit will be issued to your account with us, and any cash will be sent via online banking. If for any reason the trade-in does not go ahead, we will send your cards back to you at our own expense.


 - When submitting your buylist, make sure you don't get tripped up by reprint sets (like Mystery Booster or Duel Decks) when determining what set your cards are from.

 - You may only receive either cash or store credit per buylist submitted; we cannot split payment types within a single cart.

 - Calico Keep reserves the right to retain and destroy any counterfeit cards received via the buylist process.


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