Flesh & Blood Deck-Builder's Kit

Title: Arcane Rising Unlimited
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Looking to sink your teeth into Flesh & Blood, but unsure where to begin? When all the options look too enticing, the only solution is to get everything!

With a playset of every Common and Rare, our Deck-Builder Kits will kickstart your Flesh & Blood experience with the strongest possible foundation.

Each kit contains:

  • A set of Heroes, Weapons, and Armour
  • A playset of each non-foil Common
  • A playset of each non-foil Rare

Please note:

  • Super Rares, Majestic Rares, and Legendary cards are not included in these collections.
  • This product is not officially licensed by Legend Story Studios (the creators of Flesh and Blood TCG).
  • Due to availability and the nature of the product, commons and rares which are printed in Rainbow Foil only have been excluded.

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