Thoughtcast #6

by Calico Keep

A lot can happen in two weeks! Here's the latest updates in stock, in-store promotions, and events!

New Stock


The slow trickle of tabletop goodness continues. New arrivals include Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Terraforming Mars: Turmoil, and Underwater Cities (as well as its expansion: New Discoveries!) 

Organised Play

Results for Week 4 of our Commander League are in! Sam continues to lead the pack comfortably, followed closely by Dylan. With 9 weeks to go, the battle for the Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition is far from over. There was only one Commander League night last week (as we had Core Set 2021 Prerelease on Friday in lieu of our usual second weekly League night). If you missed out last week, don't forget you can catch up on points by playing on both Tuesday and Friday this week!

Make sure you grab as many extra points as you can; our second theme week is in effect; Tribal Instincts!



Tomorrow is also the final day to rack up match wins for our Flesh & Blood Player's Champion Playmat! Whoever has the most wins for the month of June after tomorrow evening's tournament will win their choice of a Red in the Ledger or Blazing Aether playmat!


Upcoming Events

With Core Set 2021 pre-release out of the way, your next opportunity to play with the most stacked core set in Magic history is at our release day draft at 6:30pm, Friday July 3rd!

JumpStart is also just around the corner! This unique set is designed to be playable right out of the pack! Just buy two 20-card boosters, shuffle them up, and away you go! Each booster pack is specifically themed (e.g. 'Unicorn', or 'Seismic'), when shuffled together the result is a unique deck ('Seismic Unicorns'), resulting in endless replayability!

Come celebrate it's release with us at Calico Keep with some fun draft events!

6:30pm - Friday, 17th July 2020
11:00am - Saturday, 18th July 2020
11:00am - Sunday, 19th July 2020


Entry will be $40 for each event. Each participant will be given 4 booster packs of JumpStart, and draft them in the following way:

  1. Seated at your assigned table, you will open all 4 booster packs
  2. Without changing the contents of those booster packs, draft an entire pack, then pass all other packs to your left.
  3. Continue until you've drafted 4 packs.
  4. Build two decks by pairing up your 4 packs.

When playing a best-of-three match against your opponents, you will use one deck for Game 1, and your second deck for Game 2. Should the match go to Game 3, then you get to play a deck of your choice!


For you Flesh & Blood fans, we're absolutely chuffed to bring you a double-header weekend of competitive play with our friends over at Cerberus Games with the Road to Nationals tournament series!

Saturday, 8th August 2020 @ Cerberus Games
Sunday, 9th August 2020 @ Calico Keep
More details regarding exact time, entry fee, and prize structure will be made available at a later date at our corresponding websites!

In-Store Promotions

Our Flesh & Blood promotion is still going! Purchase any Booster Box and receive a FREE Arknight Ascendancy playmat and your choice of Rainbow Foil Arcane Rising Hero!


On the Magic side of things, we still have a few Mechagodzilla promos available to those who purchase any Magic booster box. Additionally, we still a handful of Rin and Seri promos available to those who purchase a Core Set 2021 booster box! Get in quick before they run out the door!
That's all for now! Looking forward to seeing you guys this week :)

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