Thoughtcast #5

by Calico Keep

Hey gang, Peter here again to update you on last week's happenings, and a look to what's coming in the next few weeks.


Board Games

We're doing the best we can to keep your favourite games stocked in decent quantities as they're flying off the shelves. As always, it's fantastic to see your enthusiasm for exercising your brains with games and strategy! Future restocks should be more expedient as our suppliers make the transition back from sea freight to air freight over the next few months.

This week, we've got restocks of Gloomhaven, Secret Hitler, Joking Hazard, Throw Throw Burrito, and plenty more! New contenders include King of Tokyo: Dark Edition (the 'Collector's Edition' of the base game with an ominous aesthetic that introduces a new game mechanic), and a Cosmic Encounter expansion: Cosmic Alliance.

Later this week, you can expect to see Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Conflict, and a Spirit Island restock.


In-Store Promotions

We currently have two fantastic promotions going for our most popular trading card games; Magic: the Gathering and Flesh and Blood!

For Magic, we're handing out promotional Reliquary Towers with each in-store Magic Product purchase (excluding single cards; only sealed products are eligible), and a Mechagodzilla, Battle Fortress with each Booster Box purchase (or the purchase of 6 pre-release packs).

Both promos are only eligible to those who either buy in store, or via our online store with the intention to pick up their order in store. Get in fast before we run out!

... and for Flesh and Blood, we are currently giving away an Arknight Ascendancy Runeblade playmat and your choice of Rainbow Foil Arcane Rising Adult Hero with each booster box purchase (while stocks last)!

We also stock Flesh and Blood Singles, and proudly boast the cheapest singles prices worldwide! With Road to Nationals qualifier events coming up in July and August (with Calico Keep having the privilege of hosting one! More details to come soon...) there's never been a better time to pick up this fantastic New Zealand-made game.


Commander League - Week 2

The standings have been updated, with Sam creating a strong lead for himself with 24 points and 12 tie-breaker points, with Dylan hot on his heels after a strong Week 2 performance.

With our first Theme Week coming up this week and an extra 10 points up for grabs, will our top contenders be able to maintain strong performances while also competing to be best-in-show?

If you've missed out on the first 2 weeks of our Commander League, it's still not too late to join! We've built in a point catch-up system for those still wanting to compete! Full details can be found in our League Rules page.

You want your shot at taking out the top prize (a Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition valued at $500.00), you've got to be in to win!


Junior League Update

With our second week of our post-lockdown Junior League done and dusted, the skill discrepancy between some of our junior competitors has been more apparent than ever. While a lot of the kids enjoy the social aspect Junior League, there are some who have had their competitive sparks ignited and are seeking a more competitive environment.

To cater to both groups, we will be running a second tournament alongside the Junior League you guys already know and love, starting Sunday, June 21st.

The Junior Masters League has a $5.00 entry fee, and will feature Magic booster packs and promotional cards as prizes. The stakes will be higher, and the rules more stringent. This tournament will run alongside the regular Junior League at 1pm

For those who feel they aren't ready to graduate yet, don't fret! As I mentioned before, the same ol' Junior League will also be running at its 1pm start time, and will still feature free prize cards. Without the competitive kids in the player pool, games should feel more relaxed and fun :)


Core Set 2021 Pre-Release Weekend

We're just under 2 weeks away from the Core Set 2021 Pre-Release weekend at Calico Keep! We're holding 3 events on throughout the weekend of the 26th of June:

6:30pm Friday 26th June - Sealed Tournament
11:00am Saturday 27th June - Sealed Tournament
11:00am Sunday 28th June - Two-Headed Giant Sealed Tournament

Try your hand at building a 40-card deck with 6 booster packs in the Sealed Tournaments, then battle for glory and additional prizes!

Want to try your hand at some team-based gameplay? Then grab a partner and try your hand at our Two-Headed Giant sealed event on Sunday! You and your partner will share a card pool of 12 booster packs with which you'll build two 40-card decks. Work with your partner to defeat enemy teams for even more booster packs!

Spots are limited! You can sign up ahead of time either in store, or via the event calendar on our website. Entry is $40 per player.

Not keen to play, but still keen to get your hands on some new cards? You can preorder Magic 2021 right now! The first 12 to pre-order a full booster box will not only receive a Mechagodzilla from our Magic promotion (if we still have 'em), but also a copy of the Cat/Dog duo you never knew you needed in your life until now:

That's all, folks!

Best of luck to our players for this week across all our hobbies! Looking forward to seeing you all again throughout the week :)

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