Thoughtcast #4

by Calico Keep

Phew, what an amazing turnout for this week's events! We weren't sure if the word had gone out about our rebooted schedule, but you all gathered your dice and your cards and answered the call! 

With the announcement this afternoon that we'll be at Alert Level 1 from 12:00am Tuesday, 9th June 2020, we're hoping to see even more of you this week!


Organised Play

Last week saw the kick-off of our new Commander League, with 19 different players competing over both days. Lord Windgrace was triumphant on Tuesday, while Niv-Mizzet swept the tables on Friday. The points are in, and the point leaders have been marked going into Week 2. Standings after Week 1 can be found by clicking here.


New Stock

Wingspan is finally here! (along with restocks of King of Tokyo, Scythe, and Coup: Reformation). play as competing ornithologists vying to coax a menagerie of native birds into their collections.

As for this week's shipment, it's a big 'un. Expect to see much-needed restocks of Gloomhaven, 6 Nimmt!, Secret Hitler, Welcome to the Dungeon,  and more. Also arriving is the new King of Tokyo: Dark Edition!

Expect these to be on our shelves either Thursday or Friday.


After months of waiting, our Challenger Decks arrived (right after Fires of Invention was banned in Standard, ouch!). These decks are designed to be competitive in Standard right out of the box (and even the Allied Fires deck functions adequately once you replace the Fires of Inventions)!

You can pick these up for $44.99. The Allied Fires deck has been discounted to $39.99 to compensate for the Fires of Invention ban.

Core Set 2021 is also around the corner, and you can preorder the set from our website right now! We will have news regarding pre-release later this week :)

The first 12 people to preorder or purchase a booster box will receive the Rin and Seri buy-a-box promo card!


That's us for the time being

There's plenty to look forward to going into the second half of 2020, not just for us locally, but for all New Zealanders. Although we'll be in Alert Level 1 this time tomorrow, the mantra stays the same; stay safe, and look after each other.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,



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