Season 4 Prizes | Season 5 Themes

Congratulations to last league's winners! Those with Store Credit prizes should find it already sitting on their accounts, ready to be spent :)

If you won a set booster, come talk to our friendly staff at the counter to receive your pack!

1st Prize - 50 Points - $50.00 Store Credit

Chad Collision

Joseph Mason

Kyle Amptmeyer

Scott Pettie

2nd Prize - 40 Points - $25 Store Credit

Harold Claridge - 45 Points

Kit Latimer - 45 Points

Dominic Drummond - 40 Points

3rd Prize - 35 Points - $15 Store Credit

David Rudd - 35 Points

4th Prize - 25 Points - 1 Set Booster


Josh Down - 30 Points

Patrick Curran - 30 Points

Domanic Lapslie-Rogerson - 25 Points

Erik Finsson - 25 Points

Fergus McDonald - 25 Points


Our themes for this league are as follows:

Week 1 (April 4th) - N/A
Week 2 (April 11th) - Apotheosis Redux
If your commander is a creature;
  • Your commander an Enchantment in addition to its other types
  • Your commander is a God in addition to its other subtypes
  • Your commander is indestructible
  • As long as your devotion to the colours in your commander's colour identity is less than twice X plus 3, where X is the number of colours in your commander's colour identity, your commander isn't a creature. (e.g. a monocoloured commander requires 5 devotion, a two-colour commander requires 7, and a three-colour commander requires 9)
Week 3 (April 18th) - N/A
Week 4 (April 25th) - "A Dynamic Duo's Strength is Relative"
  • Your commander may be a non-legendary creature
  • All non-legendary creatures have Partner