Season 2 Standings | Changes for Season 3

First thing's first, let's give a hand for our Season 2 Commander League Winners!

1st Place - Dylan Satherley ($40.00 Store Credit)
2nd Place - Escher Webster ($20.00 Store Credit)
3rd Place - Scott Pettie ($10.00 Store Credit)
4th Place - Kyle Amptmeyer ($10.00 Store Credit)

Secondly, some scheduling and rule changes for League Season 3.

We've pushed the start of Season 3 back a week due to the Alert Level 2 announcement made at the end of February. As a result, Season 4 is now 4 weeks long instead of 5. Additionally, the theme 'Plead the Sixth' has been replaced with 'Oathbreaker'.

The new dates are as follows:

Season 3
Week 1 (March 9th) - N/A
Week 2 (March 16th) -"Life is not a race".
Week 3 (March 23th) - N/A
Week 4 (March 30th) - Oathbreaker
Season 4
Week 1 (April 6th) - N/A
Week 2 (April 13th)  - "Strength is relative".
Week 3 (April 20th) - N/A
Week 4 (April 27th) - Apotheosis


Next, we've added two additional penalties to league nights going forward:

1.4.3 Fast Mana Penalty (-All Points Earned on offending night)

Activating a mana ability of any non-land or non-token permanent which generates more mana than its converted mana cost (before accounting for abilities of other cards on the battlefield).
  • The rationale behind this penalty is that fast mana artifacts create high variance in games and generate a massive early-game advantage for players. The most powerful of these artifacts are also out of the price-range of a lot our players.
  • In following with our Fun First philosophy, the use of any permanents which generate more mana than its converted mana cost will result in 0 league points earned on the offending night.
1.4.4 Theme Clause (-5 Theme Points)
Violating any of the above clauses on a theme week while opting into the theme.
  • Regular players already own powerful decks that are capable of searching up 2- or 3-card win conditions at the drop of a hat. Half-hearted deckbuilding that barely adheres to theme requirements while retaining the power of the original decks just to attain 5 bonus points goes against the spirit of why we have our themes in the first place.
  • In following with our Fun First philosophy, violating any league rules will cause you to forfeit any theme points earned on the night, in additional to any other penalties.
  • You guys can blame Kit for this one ;)

We know we're making you bend over backwards, but we'll be making it worth your while! From Season 3 onwards, we'll be awarding end-of-season prizes based on point total instead of final standings;

  • 50 Points - $100.00 Store Credit
  • 40 Points - $25.00 Store Credit
  • 35 Points - $15.00 Store Credit
  • 25 Points - 1 Set Booster

To get the coveted top prize, you'll have to play by the rules and sweep all four weeks in a season... and if you're not interested in any of that nonsense, there's always the fantastic participation prize you guys get each night for participating ;)

As always, you can find everything you need to know about our Commander League, including full theme descriptions, right here.